Did you know Nebraskans pay TWICE the property tax rate of CALIFORNIA???

Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!

Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!

Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is TRUE Nebraskan's Goal?

Through the power of the people, place the Nebraska Unicameral in a position where they must act on and create a solution to Nebraska’s Property Tax problem.  If they fail to act, they must face a near $1.5 billion rebate to the taxpayers of Nebraska each year.  The clear message is to cut spending and to eliminate waste, fraud, duplication and abuse. 

Why is TRUE Nebraskans doing this?

With over 510 Legislative Bills and 20 years, the Nebraska legislature has consistently failed to provide property tax relief for the taxpayers of our state.  This failure has made Nebraska the 6th highest property tax state in the nation.  It is time for Nebraska’s Second House, the People, to act and this constitutional amendment does just that.

Will my property tax bill go down?

No. This constitutional amendment establishes a Rebate and does not affect property tax rates directly which are imposed by your local municipalities like the School Board.  This is not a property tax relief proposal and will not affect your actual property tax bill.  Schools and local governments will see absolutely no change in the monies they receive or how they levy property taxes.  We are focused on forcing the Nebraska State Legislature to finally act and pass true property tax relief statewide or face the consequences of this petition.

Why a Constitutional Amendment and not a Law?

As we have seen in the past, the legislature can change a law to fit their agenda or perhaps make it easier on themselves to govern.  A constitutional amendment cannot just be ignored by the legislature. This petition by the citizens of Nebraska is a mandate that cannot be ignored, bypassed or vetoed.  Our goal is for the Nebraska Legislature to provide long-term property tax relief for all Nebraskans.  If this goal can be met before the 2020 General Election, then there is no need for this constitutional amendment, we have succeeded, and all Nebraskans will benefit.

Your petition is only going to raise taxes.

Not at all.  Your property taxes will not increase unless Lincoln says they must. We are simply setting the amount of property tax relief that will make our property tax burden roughly equal to our sales and income taxes.  Once you set the amount, control over the detail lies solely in the hands of the Nebraska Legislature.  

The options to manage your relief are many:  

1.  First, EVERY dollar taken for taxes is a dollar taken out of Nebraska's economy.  Leave 35% of our tax dollars in the economy and 1/3 will be returned by Nebraskans using it for their own, daily lives.  You and I are far better judges of how to spend our money than government.

2.  Nebraska currently spends $250 M/year in "tax  relief", anyway.  Add that to #1 and over 50% of this measure is "paid for" (assuming you believe taxpayers must always live on less but government never can).

3.  Reduce the states' share by stopping current property tax abuses.

4.  State spending -  With Nebraska's state budget also at record levels, one of our partners has identified more than 60 areas where state spending could be streamlined with no impact to its effectiveness.  

This amendment puts the  issue - and the final solution  - squarely in the hands of the legislature.   Nebraskans will resolve this through their representatives, in fair and open public debate.  

Who can sign the petition?

Any Nebraska resident who is also a registered voter, or someone that will be registered by July 1, 2020, can sign the petition form. By signing the petition, a citizen is allowing the voters to decide whether this is an action that should be taken. You are not bound to support the petition in 2020 by signing today.  By signing today you are only promoting the issue to be placed on the Ballot for a vote of the people.