Did you know Nebraskans pay TWICE the property tax rate of CALIFORNIA???

Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!

Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!

Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!Property Tax Relief Unites Everyone!



Effective today, April 13, 2020, TRUE Nebraskans, LLC, has formally suspended its petition drive for the 35% Solution.  For the last two years, our intent has been to drive TRUE property tax reform for every Nebraskan, via a 35% property tax rebate.   The concept is sound; the need is greater now than even when we began; the solution is long past due.  Through this drive, the people would do what our elected officials have so long refused to do.

What no one could have anticipated was the arrival of the Coronavirus (COVid-19).   The Federal requirements of social distance and limited group gatherings resulted in our request on March 19, 2020, when we asked that all circulators temporarily pause their activity, until the risk was better understood.  

The extension of those requirements for an additional 30 days has essentially shut down our entire state.  With public gatherings and even personal contact limited, there is no reasonable expectation that we can finish the task, without needless risk to the health and safety of our circulator network and to Nebraskans, in general.  As passionate as we all have been, to continue would be irresponsible .  

This has been a difficult decision.  To have fought so long and hard, with the prospect of success in sight, is one thing.   To have worked alongside so many Nebraskans - who have given generously of their time and resources to make TRUE property tax reform a reality – is another.   Their generous donations built and equipped a state-wide circulator network.  Their relentless effort in collecting signatures has humbled anyone watching.  

With Deep Respect and Gratitude to All Who Gave So Much…Thank You.

TRUE Nebraskans

straight talk from State Senator Steve Erdman

State Senator Steve Erdman


My highest priority in the Nebraska Legislature is to reduce property taxes. For this very reason I introduced LR3CA in January, which is a Legislative Resolution to put a measure on the 2020 ballot, which allows the registered voters of the State to vote on a constitutional amendment for receiving 35 percent of their property tax bill back every year in the form of a credit or refund on their Nebraska State Income Tax Return. This measure has been appropriately nicknamed “The 35 Percent Solution”.

LR3CA is going nowhere. Because LR3CA remains stuck in the Legislature’s Revenue Committee, it won’t become law this year. I anticipated that this would happen, because it has happened every year that I have introduced a bill or a resolution for significant property tax relief. The bottom line is that the Legislature lacks the intestinal fortitude to grant the property owners of our State the significant property tax relief they so desperately need. Therefore, we will have to do it another way.

There is hope for the future. Because I anticipated that LR3CA would die in committee, last year I began working with a group of concerned citizens to launch a petition drive to put the same measure on the 2020 ballot. Ballot initiatives of this kind allow the citizens of Nebraska to act as the second House of the State Legislature. When Senators in the Nebraska State Legislature fail to listen to their own constituency and to take appropriate action, it becomes incumbent upon the citizens of our State to take their concerns into their own hands and to act.

TRUE Nebraska LLC was formed by a group of concerned citizens in order to oversee the petition drive to put a measure with the same language as LR3CA on the 2020 ballot. The TRUE in TRUE Nebraska stands for “Tax Relief Unites Everyone”. Last Wednesday TRUE Nebraska held a rally on the north steps of the Capitol in Lincoln to kick start their summer petition drive. TRUE Nebraska already has more than 200 people working across the state collecting signatures for the petition drive. However, TRUE Nebraska still needs more workers. So, if you would like to know more about the petition drive, if you would like to view the rally, or if you would like to get involved, please visit their website at www.truenebraskans.com.

According to Wallethub.com, Nebraska currently ranks as the seventh highest state for property taxes in the nation, including Washington, D.C. Our property taxes are higher than other high property tax states, such as New York, Rhode Island and Michigan. Moreover, Nebraska has higher property taxes than each of our surrounding states. Our high property taxes are preventing people from moving to our state and they are causing good people to leave our state.

Nebraska’s high property taxes have reached the level of a crisis. As Sen. Tom Brewer, who represents Legislative District 43 in the Unicameral, recently said, “When a tax reaches the point it causes people to move, it is no longer just a tax. It is no longer just a ‘problem’. It’s a crisis and it’s immoral.” The property tax crisis we face in our state is now comparable to the burden that our Founding Fathers faced under the tyrannical rule of King George III of Great Britain when he put a tax on their cup of tea.

The Platform

Property Tax


We are just like you, the average Joe and Jane Nebraska.  We work and play, we raise our families, we volunteer in our community and we pay our taxes. We span our state, from Omaha to Scottsbluff, Valentine to Hastings and everywhere in between.  And we are HURTING.

For far too long Nebraska has been one of the highest property tax states in the COUNTRY...in fact we are the 7th HIGHEST...more than twice the tax rate of CALIFORNIA.



For over a decade the citizens of Nebraska have begged the Legislature for Property Tax Relief...THEY HAVE FAILED US!  TRUE Nebraskans across our state have decided that it is time we put the issue in the hands of the PEOPLE.

Petition Circulators are now collecting signatures for a Constitutional Amendment that would provide a 35% rebate of the property tax you pay credited onto your Nebraska Income Tax (Personal or Business).



For Example, if you pay $5715 in property taxes your 35% rebate would equal $2000 and now it is time to file your Nebraska Income taxes...

  • If you owe $3000 in Nebraska income tax, then the amount you will owe is reduced to only $1000
  • If you owe $1000 in Nebraska income tax, then you will get a refund of $1000
  • If you are getting a refund of $1000 from your Nebraska income taxes, then your refund is increased by $2000 and the new refund is $3000

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